Celia Kameni
& Alfio Origlio 4tet (FR)

Jazz, Soul

20 & 21 of July, 9pm

10€ participation per person on special concert nights

Many festival and live shows later, this fresh new quartet arranged by Alfio Origlio and interpreted by the rising star of Soul, Celia Kameni, lands in Monaco for a night of pop and soul songs from Gregory Porter to U2 or Seal and Stevie Wonder all the way through to the blues of Jeanne Moreau re-interpreted and reimagined by these powerful musicians.
Singer Celia Kameni takes us on a memorable musical journey while Brice Berrerd (double bass) and Zaza Desiderio (Drums) provide the perfect rhythmic backdrop for the quartet to fully express itself. A beautiful night of music placed under the sign of Soul, Jazz and creativity!

Celia Kameni – Vocals
Alfio Origlio – Keyboards
Brice Berrerd – Double Bass
Zaza Desiderio – Drums

Listen to ‘Master Blaster’

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